52 Things in 52 Weeks

So I am a bit obsessed with lists. Ask anyone who knows me intimately and he or she will tell you — I have so many scraps of paper and half-empty (fine, fine..2/3rds empty) notebooks with TO-DO lists and random titles of songs I would like to download, books I would like to read, articles I need to bookmark, restaurants I would like to go to…and on and on and on.

I make so many plans, so many lists, write about the life I will be living in the future…and then have very little follow through. Almost non-existent, really. I want this to change. I mean, I always do…but time feels even more fleeting now. Another year has flown by…I am another year older. Wiser too, I hope. As I got to reflecting on this year, I thought about these lists. I dug around and found those pieces of crumpled paper, those stained and dusty notebooks, and I KNEW – KNOW that something needs to change this new year. I need to get it together, hunty! One week at a time.

Thanks to this blog I found a few years ago, which I am emulating below, I have found a great way to organize and consolidate this list and hopefully keep myself accountable. One challenge for each week of the year! And here we go…

Books & Book Learnin’:
1. Read 52 books in 52 weeks
2. Read at least 4 books completely in Italian
3. Read the complete volume of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
4. Take at least 6 Coursera classes on areas such as sales, marketing and finance
5. Read at least 4 books completely in Spanish
6. Read at least 6 American Classics (such as On the Road, etc)

Movies and Television:
7. Watch 52 movies in 52 weeks
8. Watch all 20 of Pajiba’s Underappreciated Netflix Gems of 2013
9. Watch 12 movies that are newly released in 2015
10. Watch 12 foreign language films
11. Watch Twin Peaks & Firefly complete series
12. Watch at least 4 original Netflix/Amazon TV Series

Family & Friends:
13. Take a Family Vacation to the theme parks
14. Go to the beach with a friend
15. Go bike riding with a friend
16. Play the intense, expanded version of Risk: Mass Effect with my brothers
17. Go dancing with a friend
18. Go to Paint Nite with a friend
19. Cook a meal from beginning to end on my own for my family
20. Take my beloved out for a romantic date, with me taking all of the initiative
21. Spend Christmas 2014 with my boo thing

22. Go to Diagon Alley in Universal Studios
23. Visit my college roomie Sofia in Washington
24. Play ping pong on an Italian beach in my bikini
25. Visit 2 Museums in Miami
26. See a live performance of one of the Drag Queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race

Health and happiness:
27. Lose 30 pounds
28. Get 2 new pairs of colorful glasses
29. Go to the endocrinologist
30. Get highlights in my hair
31. Go to the dermatologist
32. Use white-strips weekly
33. Do one homemade hair treatment every week
34. Do a homemade body scrub treatment every week

Food and drink:
35. Cook one new recipe every month
36. Do not eat chocolate at all for 4 weeks straight
37. Eat only vegetarian meals one day every week
38. Learn to cook at least 5 traditional Dominican meals from memory
39. Do not have any soda for 4 weeks straight (not even diet)

40. Learn to crochet
41. Learn to knit
42. Knit my gentleman caller a scarf in 2 colors of his choosing
43. Make Sofia at least 3 Knit/crochet stuffed animals
44. Make myself a scarf in Griffindor colors

45. Save all spare change for 52 weeks
46. Make a budget
47. Put aside $10 for every challenge completed
48. Create a pay off my car plan
49. Create a pay off my student loans plan
50. Report weekly progress on my budget

51. Post a weekly update of my progress on my blog
52. Make a new list of 52 things in 52 weeks for 2016



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